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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers…

Q: You offer same day service but why do my clothes usually take 1-2 days to be done?

A: Each time we run a load in our 50 pound capacity machine, we separate the clothes according to fabric, color, and level of cleaning needed. In order to avoid possibly damaging the machine, we try to fill a half-load for efficiency. If you truly need same day service, please have it in before 10 A.M. and we can ensure that it will be done by that afternoon. Same day service is available at Pat Booker location or at Plant only

Q: Why is there a price difference between men's clothing and women's?

A: Men’s clothing tend to be simpler in design and therefore easier to clean and press. Women’s clothes are generally more elaborate, delicate, and takes longer to press.

Q: Are the plastic coverings you put on clothes good when storing my clothes?

A: No. Remove the plastic covering your garments as soon as you get home. The plastic cover we place over your cleaned garments is NOT suitable for long term storage. Its sole purpose is to protect the garments from the elements and mishaps on the way home. Leaving our plastic covering on the garment for any extended period of time could cause trapped moisture, staining and fiber deterioration. If you want to protect the garment from dust and airborne particles, cut a hole in a clean, unbleached sheet and drop it over the item.

Q: What determines whether a garment should be dry-cleaned or laundered?

A: All garments at ONE PRICE CLEANERS are cleaned according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Federal laws require that all clothing manufacturers provide cleaning instructions, generally found on the tag at the back of the neck. Determining proper cleaning instructions is the responsibility of the manufacturer. These tags are supposed to provide information about the fabric from which the garment is made and special care instructions on how to clean it.

Garments should either state “Dry-clean Only” or “Launder” and list additional symbols that are understood by dry-cleaners worldwide. These symbols instruct the cleaner on special instructions such as type and temperature of solvent, cleaning times, drying and pressing instructions, etc.

Misprinted or missing labels are often the culprits of a garment that is improperly cleaned and experiences damage.

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