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We challenge you to compare us with your current cleaners for FREE.
Bring two of your garments and try out our quality and service and decide for yourself.


Seem too good to be true? Here’s how we do it.

The One Price Cleaners model has enabled us to revolutionize the customer experience with superior, guaranteed quality at one low price to dry clean all garments, men’s and women’s.


With our scale and processes, we do four times the typical neighborhood cleaner’s dry-clean volume in dollars; 10 times their dry-clean volume in terms of items—with no short cuts or compromise in quality. We can turn around 200 garments, dry cleaned, pressed, inspected and bagged, in one hour. 100 garments laundered per hour. For most traditional dry cleaners it’s that many in a day. It’s this volume that enables us to deliver the one-price concept while providing top quality.

Simply Put We Are The Best

“I am new to San Antonio, and stumbled across One Price Cleaners after working out at gym one day. I was not only impressed with your quality and service, but by the patience and care of your friendly staff. They treat me like family there and I respect that.” – Sandy H


Experience the difference

One Price Cleaners is committed to providing you the best dry-cleaning experience. We offer quality cleaning services at competitive prices. We are locally owned and operated.

We utilized state-of-the-art facilities, and trained our employees to ensure this quality of service. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of our cleaning, simply contact us within 7 days of your pick up, and we will re-clean your items FREE of charge.

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